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I am Vaishnava Samudrala

"I'm a passionate HCI graduate student merging technical expertise with creative vision to craft innovative, user-centered designs. Drawing from my engineering background and experience in visual storytelling, I aim to create sustainable, impactful solutions that resonate deeply with users and serve the public."


I am a passionate Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Graduate at Indiana University Indianapolis. With a solid background in Electronics and Communication Engineering, I've ventured into the world of HCI to explore the captivating realm of technology and user experience.


Whatever I bring to the table is a mixture of my experience of me being a photographer, filmmaker, engineer and just a normal human being who has lived a better part of his life in a competitive landscape. My undergrad and life has taught me is to stand out in whatever I do. I have always tried to look at any situation or problem from multiple angles and consciously strive to be different in my solutions.


Steve Jobs' words, "Your work is going to fill a large part of your life... And the only way to do great work is to love what you do," resonate profoundly with me. As I navigate the convergence of technology and creativity, I aspire to shape experiences that resonate deeply with users, fusing the worlds of HCI and visual storytelling.

My core design philosophies

"Utility and Usability are important, but without fun and pleasure, joy and excitement, anxiety and anger, fear and rage our lives would be incomplete." (In short aesthetics do matter!)

- Emotional Design by Don Norman

Empathy and user feedback are the foundations of any good design.

Great designs help humans, not replace them

Accessibility is just UX, not an addition.

​Good design must be sustainable

If you do not evolve, you dissolve

What else do I do?

📸 I capture and tell stories!

I love to capture moments and I capture photos that serve as personal memoirs to the person!

🎥 I shoot, I love videography!

This along with thousands of videos in my gallery!

which I can show you, let's meet 😜

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